Winner of Free Stay – Autumn Ridge Lodging


And The Winner Is… SCOTT V. !!!


You are the winner of this quarter’s free-visit-for-two drawing! Yippee!

I’ll be contacting you via facebook with all the details. Please visit and check the online calendar for available dates.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Mountain in 2013!

Best Wishes,

Cat Tallant

Thanks again and see you on your next visit!

Autumn Ridge Lodging

Stanley, Virginia


IMG-20130309-00063IMG_20130309_131054 IMG-20130309-00062IMG_20130309_131012 (1)Below is a message from one of our guests, their visit interrupted by “Snowquester” but a happy ending after we found them another place to stay!!!

Submitted on 2013/03/11 at 7:20 pm

My husband and I planned a mini-vacation for us and my siblings at Autumn Ridge. Unfortunately, the night before we were scheduled to arrive, a snow storm came through the area leaving around 2 feet of snow. This amount of snow made the neighborhood and some of the roads impassable resulting in us not being able to access the cabin. I called Kat, the owner, in a panic thinking that we would surely have to turn around and travel back to DC, where we live. Kat was wonderful and made accommodations for us to stay in another cabin. She even paid out of her pocket to make our plans come together.

While we were disappointed that we weren’t able to stay at Autumn Ridge, we still had a great time. Kat was so helpful and made sure that we were able to enjoy our vacation. If the accommodations at the Autumn Ridge cabin are a reflection of the kindness and lengths that Kat went to to help us have an enjoyable get away, then I would recommend this place to anyone. We look forward to being able to visit at some point.

outside lights! Where is the switch?



ok-We understand!  Sometimes us “city folk” can’t believe how dark it can get at night up on the mountain.  So we have added a few spot lights to “light up your night”!!  So, where is the switch?  We will get a better picture to show you, but the switch is on the porch, located on the tall poll next to the gate going down the back stairs.  Basically, on the deck, right behind this tree!!!



ps-we have a sensor spot light to shine on the driveway and lights that will light up the fire pitt!




Winter Time Reminders for Autumn Ridge Guests

facebook_-1938155057Autumn Ridge is a mountainous property. The main and secondary roads are usually paved. However there are many side roads that are gravel or hard packed dirt surfaces. You may experience potholes, ruts, steep inclines and rough terrain. Most front wheel drive vehicles have no trouble accessing the property from these roads as long as you drive safely and slowly. We do not recommend low profile vehicles such as sports cars during the winter months. During inclement weather such as snow or ice you may be required to have 4 wheel drive or tire chains. We also recommend Travel Insurance during winter months. We do not give refunds for road conditions that are out of our control.

Life in the Mountains can be exciting!!

Some of the best part of living on the mountain (or just visiting!) is being able to hear the leaves rustle on the trees caused by some of the local residents.  These folk have adjusted over time, taught themselves how to live off the land, survivie in the heat and the freezing cold, in times of plenty and again when the local economy of food sources is scarce….these are the wildlife neighbors we share the woods with near Autumn Ridge.  Dawn and Dusk is when you will most likely see these neighbors, or hear them. Look out of the deck (the second story above the ground!) and you can have your own nature show!  We have squirrels, raccoons, skunks, fox, deer, bears, owls, bats, mice and lots of birds!

Here is a link that talks about the black bears we have in the area.  None of them have ever knocked on the door but they might get into your trash if you leave it outside.  If you actually see a bear, then you are lucky!  That is a special treat!

Summer is Here! Come Visit again! Enjoy 4th of July at Autumn Ridge!

Enjoy the down home goodness of celebrating our Nation’s Independence Day with the Town of Stanley “Homecoming Celebration”, July 4th-7th.  Parade, carnival rides, food vendors, music, and so much more!  Visit, and remember what America is all about!