Life in the Mountains can be exciting!!

Some of the best part of living on the mountain (or just visiting!) is being able to hear the leaves rustle on the trees caused by some of the local residents.  These folk have adjusted over time, taught themselves how to live off the land, survivie in the heat and the freezing cold, in times of plenty and again when the local economy of food sources is scarce….these are the wildlife neighbors we share the woods with near Autumn Ridge.  Dawn and Dusk is when you will most likely see these neighbors, or hear them. Look out of the deck (the second story above the ground!) and you can have your own nature show!  We have squirrels, raccoons, skunks, fox, deer, bears, owls, bats, mice and lots of birds!

Here is a link that talks about the black bears we have in the area.  None of them have ever knocked on the door but they might get into your trash if you leave it outside.  If you actually see a bear, then you are lucky!  That is a special treat!