Valentines Day–in the Spring?

ValentinesWant to enjoy Valentine’s Day, again?

A special give-a-way, a free weekend this Spring, to celebrate Valentines Day! We are making some updates to our favorite cabin, and it will not be available for guests this Valentines Day. Since it is one of our most popular holidays, we wanted to offer a special treat.

Just like this post or Facebook page, and you are already submitted for the drawing! We will contact you about scheduling your free weekend. We love our guests! Thank you for your choosing Autumn Ridge as your favorite!

Come visit us on the Mountain! 



Darkwood Manor in Luray Virginia!!

While visiting Autumn Ridge this month, stop by Darkwood Manor for some Halloween Fun!

Mother Grimwood, a wizen witch with a
talent for enLIVEning tales comes to DarkWood to
share her not-so classic stories. Bewarned, she will
bring her tales to life in all their gory detail, but they may
take your life in return!